Meet Coach Qi, an individual whose journey in the realm of fitness and sports has been nothing short of remarkable. With a lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle, Coach Qi's passion for sports led him to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Sport Science with a major in coaching, graduating with honors from UiTM in 2010.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity about the intricacies of athletic performance, Coach Qi continued his academic journey, earning a Masters in Sport Science from UiTM in 2019, with a focus on coaching. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for his deep understanding of the science behind training, nutrition, and the holistic management of athletes across various sports disciplines.

The CrossFit journey for Coach Qi began with a transformative experience at the Open Day of CrossFit Pahlawan. This marked the inception of his dedication to CrossFit, seamlessly blending with his several years of prior experience in bodybuilding. Not just a practitioner, Coach Qi emerged as a CrossFit hardcore enthusiast, achieving success in both local and international competitions.

Coach Qi's accolades are not just limited to personal achievements; his dedication to the fitness community is evident through his ongoing commitment to helping others reach extraordinary goals. As a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1), certified in Bangkok, Thailand, and a Certified CrossFit Judge, Coach Qi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his coaching role.

Beyond the titles and certifications, Coach Qi embodies the spirit of continuous learning and a genuine desire to understand the nuances of athletic development. His coaching philosophy revolves around a holistic approach, encompassing not only physical training but also nutrition, mindset, and overall well-being.

Join Coach Qi at DCL Pahlawan, where his expertise, coupled with a passion for excellence, creates an environment where fitness enthusiasts can embark on transformative journeys tailored to their aspirations and capabilities. Experience the blend of academic rigor, competitive success, and a commitment to helping others thrive in their fitness pursuits under the guidance of Coach Qi.


Introducing General Cheah, also known as Coach David, the visionary founder and driving force behind DCL Pahlawan. General Cheah's journey into the world of CrossFit began in 2022 as a member of CrossFit Pahlawan, marking the inception of a profound love for the sport. His enthusiasm extended beyond personal boundaries, as he passionately introduced CrossFit to his entire family, including his wife, kids, son-in-laws, and even neighbors.

Experiencing firsthand the transformative benefits of CrossFit, General Cheah found himself feeling younger, stronger, and fitter. Motivated by this personal transformation, he took the next step in his CrossFit journey by obtaining certification as a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer in 2023. However, General Cheah's dedication didn't stop there; fueled by his unwavering passion, he ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship, opening the first DCL Pahlawan branch in August 2023.

General Cheah's commitment to the CrossFit community goes beyond a single location. With a grand vision, he envisions opening nine more DCL Pahlawan locations, driven by a profound love for the CrossFit program and the incredible benefits it brings to individuals seeking a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Join DCL Pahlawan today and embark on a fitness journey led by General Cheah, where passion meets results. Experience the transformative power of CrossFit under the guidance of a visionary leader dedicated to sharing the love of the program and its life-changing advantages.


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